60+ American Made Boots - Ultimate Brand List

Not long ago we created a list of the best made in USA boots for men that featured some of favorite American made boot brands. We have always wanted to see a master list of all American made boot brands but couldn’t find an updated list anywhere on the web. So we decided to compile a list of our own.

We worked hard to gather an up-to-date list of brands that manufacture their boots in America. If you don’t see a brand that should be on the list please make sure to leave a comment and let us know.  

This massive list of Made in USA boot brands is divided into four sections. Clicking on each section below will take you to their respective list.


Casual & Dress

Made in USA Heritage, Casual and Dress Boot Brands

Made in USA Casual and Dress Boots

From heritage footwear companies to the new brands who offer small batch designs, these brands offer American made boots that are a testament to a long tradition of American craftsmanship and manufacturing.


Boot Style: Dress Boots, Casual, Lifestyle

Alden was founded in 1884 in Middleborough, Massachusetts by Charles H. Alden. The brand specializes in handcrafted men’s boots and dress shoes. Alden is one of the few footwear manufacturers in New England that thrived after the post-war economy drove most footwear production overseas. Today the brand still proudly makes their boots and shoes in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

Allen Edmonds

Boot Style: Dress Boots, Lifestyle

Allen Edmonds specializes in American made men’s dress boots and shoes that are hand crafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The company was first founded in 1922 by Elbert W. Allen and was originally called the Allen-Spiegel Shoe Company. Over the years Allen Edmonds has built a brand known for their amazing attention to detail, classic styles and long lasting footwear thanks to their popular recrafting services.

Arrow Moccasin Company

Boot Style: Hand-sewn Moccassins 

Arrow Moccasin Company specializes in hand sewn moccasin boots and shoes for men and women. They proudly manufacture all of their Moccasins in Hudson, Massachusetts. The brand is known for their attention to detail and craftsmanship which can be seen in their use of top grade Swiss leather, specialty tanning process and hand sewn construction.


Boot Style: Heritage, Lifestyle Boots, Work Boots

Beneduci is a boot brand out of San Franscisco that focuses on recreating the original craftsmanship and quality of American work boots. Part of what makes Beneduci special is their use of original bootmaking machines that were used before the shoemaking industry left the country en masse. These machines allow Beneduci to recreate beautifully crafted all-American work boots that are built to last. All Beneduci boots are made in San Fransisco. 

BRoken Homme

Boot Style: Heritage, Lifestyle and Casual Boots  

In an age where most new fashion brands outsource their production overseas, it’s a breathe of fresh air to see a company like Broken Homme keep it’s manufacturing on American shores. Broken Homme is known for their rugged heritage style boots that carry the legacy of fashion-forward Los Angeles manufacturing. All of their boots and accessories are made in the USA.

Brooklyn Boot Company

Boot Style: Lifestyle and Casual Boots

Brooklyn Boot Company offers handcrafted men’s boots from their factory in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. The brand took a unique approach to entering the boot market by keeping manufacturing in the USA while still being able to offer their boots at affordable prices. They achieve this with their direct to consumer business model that cuts out retail markup. What you get is are affordable American made boots that are built from the ground up by skilled shoemakers right in Pennsylvania.

BRooklyn footwear company

Boot Style: Lifestyle and Casual Boots

Brooklyn Footwear Company is a brand out of New York that specializes in carefully crafted men’s boots and shoes. Some of their footwear is made with an exclusive Coffee Washed process which add a natural antique finish to the leather. Not all Brooklyn Footwear Company boots and shoes are made in America, some models have been outsourced to artisan factories in Mexico. Make sure to check the boot description on their website to see where each boot is made. 

Cobra Rock

Boot Style: Casual Boots, Lifestyle

Cobra Rock is a fairly new brand that was started in 2011 in Marfa, Texas. They specialize in boots for both men and women in limited runs. All Cobra Rock boots are made in the USA from American Leather. Their flagship boot, the women’s South Highland desert boot, is testament to their commitment to craftmanship, high quality and stylish design. Today you can find plenty of different styles for men and women such as handcrafted chelsea boots and timeless heritage American work boot styles. 

Cord Shoes + Boots

Boot Style: Lifestyle and Casual Boots

Cord Shoes + Boots is a brand that focuses on handcrafted limited lines of boots and shoes for both men and women. Based out of Atlanta, the brand produces a small product line that is carefully curated and has a high emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail. What we like about Cord Shoes + Boots is their attention to quality handcrafted women’s boots in a market where so many heritage style boots are only offered to men. 


Boot Style: Casual Boots, Lifestyle

Crary is a shoemaking brand that specializes in customized handmade footwear. Their focus is on accommodating customers who may have special footwear needs such as uncommon sizes and orthopedic fits. What we like about Crary is their focus on quality footwear that is also stylish. Their handmade collection offers fashionable hiking, work boot and casual boot styles that are handcrafted with care to ensure the perfect fit. 


Boot Style: Fashion and Lifestyle Boots

Cydwoq offers uniquely designed men’s and women’s boots, shoes and accessories that are handcrafted in their factory Burbank, California. Cydwoq is where high fashion meets quality craftsmanship and artistry. Their boots are unique yet timeless. 


Boot Style: Casual Boots

Although the majority of Eastland footwear is made overseas, they do offer American made boots with their Made in Maine collection. With the Made in Maine collection, Eastland goes back to it’s New England manufacturing roots and offers up a nice selection of signature heritage styles modeled after American workwear. Each boot is built from domestically sourced components and uses traditional handcrafted construction.


Boot Style: Heritage Boots, Casual Boots, Motorcycle Boots

The Frye Company was founded in 1863 by John A. Frye in Marlboro Massachusetts. The company is the oldest operating shoe company in the United States and has a rich history of American manufacturing, footwear innovation and craftsmanship. Unfortunately Frye has moved a majority of their production overseas in recent years. The brand still manufactures a portion of their boots domestically under the Made in USA collection where they offer American made boots for both men and women.

Gorilla USA

Boot Style: Casual Boots, Work Boots

Gorilla is a boot company that prides itself in crafting “brutally strong” American made boots for men in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Their take on the traditional American work boot is both modernly stylish while staying true to it’s original craftsmanship. This can be seen with their commitment to only using the highest quality leathers, soles and construction.


Boot Style: Casual Boots, Lifestyle, Dress Boots

HELM boots are known for their updated take on time-tested American heritage designs. The brand first started in 2009 and has since made a commitment to offering handcrafted boots for both men and women that are built to last. Their designs are distinctly versatile and timeless. HELM is part of a wave of new brands that value American craftsmanship and quality while still being modern and stylish. HELM boots are designed in Austin, Texas and made in the USA.


Boot Style: Casual Boots, Dress Boots

Johansen specializes in made in USA boots and shoes for men and women. Their highly skilled shoemakers work out of Gretna, Virginia factory. Although the majority of their offerings are shoes, Johansen does offer beautifully crafted men’s chukka dress boots that are worth checking out. For women, Johansen offers a large range of safety toe and casual boots that are both affordable and stylish. 

Julian Boots

Boot Style: Heritage, Lifestyle Boots

Julian Boots is owned and operated by Julian Imrie in Los Angeles. Julian has revived bootmaking as an art form by using bootmaking techniques that have been long forgotten. Each pair of boots is made by hand and is crafted to the customer’s liking (leather, sole, fit).

MainE Mountain Moccasin

Boot Style: Casual, Lifestyle Boots

Formally known as the New England Outerwear Company, Maine Mountain Moccasin is a brand  that specializes in handcrafted moccasin boots and shoes. With offerings for both men and women, the brand focuses on crafting footwear made from the best materials and attention to detail. Their small factory is located in Lewiston, Maine where each moccasin is made by hand. Maine Mountain Moccasin also specializes in made to order boots which allows their customers to take advantage of the expertise of their in-house shoemakers to create a boot they can truly call their own.

Mark Albert Boots

Boot Style: Casual Boots, Lifestyle

Mark Albert specializes in American made chelsea boots for men and women. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the company was able to start manufacturing their line of boots in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Since the Kickstarter, the brand has succeeded in offering affordable made in USA boots with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Today the brand has expanded from it’s original chelsea boot roots to offer heritage style boots, derby shoes and loafers. 


Boot Style: Fashion, Lifestyle

Newark is a women’s fashion brand that offers luxury boots, flats and accessories. Their unique line of boots and flats are handmade in Los Angeles, California.

No. 6

Boot Style: Casual, Dress boots

No. 6 is a women’s fashion company that began as a small Manhattan brick and mortar shop in 2005. The store offered curated vintage clothing and their own line of handmade clogs and boots. Their handmade shoes and accessories have since gained popularity and have become a staple of the brand. Today the No. 6 offers made in USA boots, shoes and clothing for those who value attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and distinctive style.

Oak Street Boot Makers

Boot Style: Dress Boots, Casual Boots, Heritage

Oak Street Boot Makers is a brand that combines old-world craftsmanship with the American spirit. The brand was founded in 2010 by George Vlagos, the son of an immigrant shoemaker. In a time where most men’s footwear was imported and cheaply made, Vlagos saw the need for traditionally handcrafted men’s boots and shoes that didn’t skimp on style. The brand specializes in handcrafted heritage boots and shoes made out of the best materials and shoemaking techniques. All of their footwear is proudly made in the USA. 


Boot Style: Casual, Lifestyle, Made to Order

Quoddy specializes in hand made moccasins for both men and women. What sets this brand apart is their commitment to skilled craftsmanship that can be seen in every pair of footwear they produce. What makes Quoddy special is their made-to-order model that allows customers to customize every element of the boot from upper leather to the sole, lining and thread color. In a world of mass produced boots, this kind of customization and attention to detail is truly something special. You can find Quoddy’s skilled craftsman in an 1876 textile mill in Lewiston, Maine where their footwear is made by hand using heritage shoemaking techniques that have long been forgotten in today’s footwear industry. 

Ralph Lauren

Boot Style: Fashion, Casual, Lifestyle

Ralph Lauren is a fashion powerhouse that offers a nice collection of Made in USA boots for men. Their styles pay homage to classic Americana footwear such as wedge soled work boots, 1940’s style military boots as well new takes on classic footwear that compliment modern street style. Not all of Ralph Lauren footwear is made in America so make sure to double-check their product descriptions when shopping. 

Rancourt & Co.

Boot Style: Casual and Lifestyle Boots

Rancourt currently operates as one of the largest footwear manufacturers in America. Their story began in 1967 when founder David Rancourt opened the very first Rancourt factory in Lewiston, Maine. Today the company still operates out of Lewiston adhering to the same dedication to craftsmanship the company was founded on. In addition to offering their own footwear, Rancourt contracts their skilled shoemakers to other brands like Red Wing, Sperry and Brooks Brothers. Part of what makes Rancourt so special is their dedication to genuine hand sewn shoemaking that has been passed down through the generations and is embedded into New England maker culture.

Red Wing Heritage

Boot Style: Heritage, Casual, Work Boots

When people think of “heritage boots” the brand Red Wing is often the first to come to mind. The brand has been in business since 1905 when Charles Beckman first started the Red Wing Shoe Company in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota. Over 100 years later, Red Wing is still in business and offering carefully crafted footwear for both men and women. Their Red Wing Heritage line is a testament to American made work boots that are steeped in history and heritage. 

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS)

Boot Style: Casual, Dress boots

SAS is a footwear brand that offers a wide range of men and women’s shoes, boots and sandals. While not all of their footwear in made in America, they do offer a Made in the USA collection that includes plenty of options. SAS is family owned and prides itself in making comfortable and practical footwear with special models for those with diabetes and medical footwear needs. Their American factory is currently located in San Antonio, Texas.

Standard Handmade

Boot Style: Made to Order, Casual, Dress boots

Standard Handmade crafts made to order shoes and boots out of their Houston, Texas workshop. The brand makes footwear for both men and women. 

The Brothers Crisp

Boot Style: Casual, Dress, Made to order boots

The Brothers Crisp is a small footwear brand out of Connecticut that focuses on handcrafting small batch men’s footwear. Their custom made boots and shoes range from casual chukka boots to dress shoes.

Thursday Boot Co.

Boot Style: Casual, Dress Boots

Thursday Boots was founded out of a need for great quality stylish boots at affordable prices. Select Thursday boots are made in the USA. These boots still keep their promise of affordability while maintaining handcrafted quality we have come to expect from a pair American made boots.


Boot Style: Casual Boots

Although most Trask boots are imported, they do offer a special line of American made boots for men with the Trask Reserve Collection. The Trask Reserve Collection reproduces rich heritage designs that are timeless, stylish and functional. Some of the key features of the collection include hand-selected leathers, Vibram outsoles and genuine goodyear welt construction that allows for the boots to be resoled over time.

Truman Boot Co.

Boot Style: Heritage, Casual, Dress Boots

Truman Boot Co. is a brand that seeks to bring back the craftsmanship and heritage of American manufacturing. They specialize in men’s handcrafted boots with timeless and functional designs meant to last years of wear. The company works in small batches and only produces less than 2,000 boots annually. Each pair of Truman boots are made in Boulder, Colorado. 

Walk Over Shoes

Boot Style: Casual boots

Walk Over Shoes is a footwear company steeped in rich heritage that spans over 250 years. The brand first began in 1758 by the Keith family in Massachusetts and have been crafting men’s and women’s footwear ever since. Walk Over footwear is still manufactured in the USA.


Boot Style: Heritage boots

While most Wolverine boots are no longer made in the USA, Wolverine has made a commitment to keep the manufacturing of their popular 1000 Mile Boot in Michigan. The Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot is recreated from Wolverine’s original 1914 pattern for a true heritage fit. Not much has changed since the boot was first introduced. The 1000 Mile boot today is handcrafted with the same attention to detail, using only the best leathers and materials. Wolverine 1000 Mile boots are made at the Wolverine Factory in Big Rapids, Michigan.


Boot Style: Casual Boots, Dress Boots

Yuketen is a footwear brand that specializes in handcrafted shoes and boots Made in USA, Canada and Mexico. All of their boots are made by skilled leather artisans who understand the importance in high quality materials and attention to detail for a comfortable long lasting boot.


Work & Military

Made in USA Safety, Tactical, Military, and Work Boot Brands

Made in USA Work Boots

These boots are made by the American worker for the American worker. Explore the brands that offer Made in USA work boots and choose quality and craftsmanship over manufacturing shortcuts. We also include Made in USA tactical and military boot brands that manufacture footwear for professions in the military and law enforcement.

Allegiance Footwear (AF Boots)

Boot Style: Work Boots

It all started in 1996 when Mike Hensley and Hugh T. Wallace partnered up to form World Class Footwear Repair Service. With their combined experience in footwear manufacturing and engineering they were able to begin producing their very own line of men’s boots as Allegiance Footwear. These American made work boots are waterproof, feature an insulated construction and are a great alternative to popular imported brands like Timberland. 


Boot Style: Tactical, Military, Work Boots

Bates is a brand known for their high performance boots and shoes used in military and law enforcement. The brand was first formed in 1885 in Webster, Massachusetts and has since had a long history of providing high quality performance and uniform footwear. Today not all Bates footwear is made in the USA but they still manufacture and assemble a portion of their tactical boots and military shoes in America. When shopping keep an eye out for boots labeled  Manufactured in the USA and Assembled in the USA. 


Boot Style: Military, Uniform, Dress Boots

CAPPS specializes in uniform dress shoes and boots for both men and women. Although most of their offerings are dress shoes, they have a nice selection of American made chelsea boots and chukka styles. CAPPS shoes are known for their superior quality, craftsmanship and use of materials. All of their footwear is made in the USA with their factory located in Gretna, Virginia. 


Boot Style: Work Boots, Logger

Not all Carolina footwear is made in the USA but the brand has a large selection of American made work boots that are still manufactured in their Martinsburg, Pennsylvania factory. Carolina offers true functional work boots that feature many of the safety and hazard features required on modern worksites. You can find safety toe boots, electrical hazard protection and anti-slip soles.


Boot Style: Heritage Boots, Work Boots, Motorcycle Boots

Chippewa offers handcrafted in the USA boots on select styles for men and women with their Original Chippewa line. Chippewa was founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Since then they have outsourced much of their footwear but continue to make select models in America. The brand has a great selection of heritage style work boots and casual styles. Anyone looking for made in USA motorcycle boots will also find plenty of options.

Corcoran and Matterhorn

Boot Style: Military and Tactical boots, Mining, Law Enforcement

Corcoran and Matterhorn are two different brands under the same parent company. Both brands focus on making high quality American made boots and shoes for tough professions. Corcoran specializes in military boots and is best known for their classic “Original Jump Boot” used by paratroopers in combat. Matterhorn focuses on producing boots that meet safety requirements in mining, military and law enforcement. Not all of their boots are made in America so make sure to check the description of each model before purchasing. 


Boot Style: Work Boots, Firefighter boots, Packer boots, Western boots

Hathorn is a brand for those who prefer old-fashioned craftsmanship over modern mass production. Part of what makes Hathorn so special is their commitment to keeping time-tested craftsmanship instead of modern bootmaking techniques. Every Hathorn boot is constructed from solid leather. Instead of using steel shanks, Hathorn shanks are made of all-leather to prevent rust. Each Hathorn boot is also handmade with a double vamp leather construction for superior support that molds to your feet over time for unparalleled comfort.

Hoffman Boots

Boot Style: Work boots, Lineman, Logging, Packer Boots

Hoffman boots are built tough for the toughest jobs. The brand specializes in American made work boots and includes packers, logging and lineman boots among others. The brand itself started in 1973 in North Idaho by the Hoffman family. It has remained a family owned business since then, Note that the Hoffman website offers a variety of brands and that not all are made in the USA. Make sure to check the boot description pages to see which models are made in USA.


Boot Style: Work and Safety Boots

While not all KEEN boots are made in the USA, their special American Built line of work boots are proudly manufactured in Portland, Oregon. The brand offers a variety of Made in USA work boot styles that feature all the safety and comfort features needed for the modern worksite. Their boots include safety toes, waterproof materials, and special comfort features for long days on the feet.

McRae Footwear

Boot Style: Tactical, Military boots

Since the brand’s formation in 1959, McRae has had a long and interesting history in American manufacturing. McRae was first introduced as a manufacturer of children’s footwear before transitioning to manufacturing military footwear in 1967. At that time McRae was contracted by the U.S Department of Defense to manufacture Jungle Boots that were used in Vietnam. Today, McRae still offers a generous line of Made in USA tactical boots for men and women. The brand offers Mil-Spec hot weather boots, jungle boots and a variety of Made in USA combat boots. Not all McRae boots are still made domestically so make sure boot models are marked as Made in USA when browsing their selection.

Nick’s Handmade Boots

Boot Style: Work Boots, Firefighter, Casual boots

Nick’s Handmade Boots began in 1964 with the offering of their first line of work boots. The idea was to offer quality work boots from the best materials using the best craftsmanship. Decades later, Nick’s still fulfills their original mission by offering handmade Made in USA work boots for firefighters, tradesmen, electricians and warehouse workers. Nick’s also offers made to order boots that are built to customer specifications. 


Boot Style: Work Boots, Postal, Military, Tactical

Recently, Reebok has started offering a special line of Made in USA boot styles that cater to working professionals who need work-compliant footwear. Their collection includes US military compliment boots, US Postal Service approved styles, and work boots for tactical and outdoor professions. With the exception of their Reebok Made in USA styles most Reebok footwear is not American made. 


Boot Style: Military, Outdoor and work boots

Rocky is a brand that specializes in military, outdoor and work boots. While not all Rocky boots are made in America, they do offer a substantial selection of military compliant, tactical and work boots that are still made in the USA.


Boot Style: Work Boots, Firefighter boots, Heritage

Thorogood is a boot brand that specializes in Made in America work boots for workers who need comfortable quality work boots that stand up to the toughest jobs. The brand has a long history in Milwaukee bootmaking with the introduction of the “jobber” boot in 1892. This was the first safety work boot made especially for linemen. Thorogood’s American made boots are manufactured in their Wisconsin factory where they work with local labor union craftsmen.

WESCO (West Coast Shoe Company)

Boot Style: Work Boots, Firefighter Boots, Motorcycle Boots

WESCO is a family owned business out of Scappoose, Oregon that specializes in Made in USA work boots for a variety of tough professions. The brand offers boots for firefighters, loggers, forestry workers and more. WESCO even offers custom fit boots for both men and women. These made to order boots are built per customer specification for the perfect fit. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship can be seen in every stitch and panel of leather used. All WESCO boots are made in their factory in Scappoose, Oregon. 


Hiking & Outdoor

American Made Hunting, Hiking and Outdoor boot brands

Made in USA Hiking Boots & Outdoor Boots

In a time where most boot brands export their manufacturing overseas, it’s becoming tougher to find a good pair of outdoor boots that put quality and craftsmanship first. Here is a list of brands who make their hiking, hunting and outdoor boots in USA. 


Boot Style: Hiking Boots, Work Boots, Lifestyle

Danner was first formed in 1932 as the Danner Shoe Mfg. Company in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin by Charles Danner. Their quality American made hiking boots and logging boots were their original claim to fame. Today, the brand still offers carefully crafted boots for hiking, military and casual wear. In recent years Danner has outsourced the production of some of their boot models, but many of their hiking boots are still made in the USA. Their current factory is located in Portland, Oregon.


Boot Style: Snakeproof, Hunting Boots, Outdoor 

Gokey is a men’s footwear brand known for their commitment to quality and exceptional craftsmanship made to last generations. Their focus is on upland and outdoor footwear with their most well-known model being the Gokey Snakeproof boot. What sets Gokey apart from other brands is that they are one of the only Made in USA boot brands that offer custom snakeproof, hiking and upland boots. These made-to-order boots are built to customer requirements and handmade in the USA. All Gokey boots are made in Tipton, Missouri.

L.L. Bean

Boot Style: Outdoor Boots

The story begins in 1911 when Leon Bean invents the Maine Hunting Shoe. The boot was the first of it’s kind as it combined leather uppers with rubber bottoms. As decades passed, the boot gained popularity and the L.L. Bean brand became an American staple. That innovative boot later became the iconic LL Bean boot which is still manufactured in Maine today. 

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Boot Style: Hiking Boots

The Merrell Wilderness hiking boot is Merrell’s flagship boot that was first introduced in 1981. Today it is one of the only made in USA hiking boots that Merrell offers. The Merrell Wilderness still honors it's original heritage design and quality.  The Merrell Wilderness boot is made in Michigan.

Russell Moccasin Co.

Boot Style: Hunting Boots, Outdoor, Motorcycle Boots

Russell Moccasin Co. first began in 1989 by Will Russell in Berlin, Wisconsin where the company offered handmade boots for the logging industry. They have since continued to produce USA made boots and shoes for hunters, tradesmen and outdoorsmen. After over 100 years in business Russell Moccasin still manufactures their boots in Berlin, Wisconsin using the same heritage boot making techniques that they come to be known for. Russell Moccasin co. produces boots for those who appreciate the craftsmanship behind a quality handmade boot. They offer footwear for both men and women.


Boot Style: Outdoor Boots

Schnee’s is an outdoor company that specializes in outfitting serious hunters, casual hikers, and everyone in between. Schnee’s is best known for their handcrafted PAC Boots which are made to withstand Montana winters. Each PAC boot is made on Bozeman, Montana by master boot makers who understand the need for a quality made and functional outdoor boot. Schnee’s PAC boot is for those who need a serious Made in USA winter boot that is made to last. 


Western Boots

Made in USA Western Boot Brands


Cowboy boots are an iconic symbol of American history and heritage. These western boot brands continue tradition by crafting their boots in the USA.

Abilene Boots

Boot Style: Western Boots

Abilene is a Made in USA western boots company that has been in business since 1980. The brand’s mission is to offer quality American made cowboy boots that at affordable prices. Abilene currently offers various western boot styles for men and women under the brand names Abilene Boots and Sage Boots.

Anderson Bean Boots

Boot Style: Western Boots, Made to Order

Each Anderson Bean boot is proudly handmade in America by expert bookmakers in south Texas. Anderson Bean offers both a generous selection of stock cowboy boot options as well as custom built cowboy boots based on customer requirements. The brand has an interesting selection of exotic leathers such as ostrich, elephant and lizard as well as endless style combinations thanks to their custom ordering service.

Back At the Ranch

Boot Style: Western Bootsm Made to Order

Back at the Ranch specializes in made in the USA western boots for both men and women. The brand is known for their stylish boot designs using speciality leathers and striking patterns. Their custom boot design service allows for customers to order their own uniquely designed pair of western boots. Each pair of Back at the Ranch cowboy boots is crafted in El Paso, Texas by second and third generation bootmakers.

Double-H Boots

Boot Style: Western Boots, Work Boots

Double-H specializes in American made cowboy boots that are built for work on fields and ranches. The company began in Richland, Pennsylvania in 1955 under the name Richland Shoe Co. The factory began with manufacturing western footwear and continues the tradition today as Double H. Boots in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. Although most of the brand’s casual and fashion lines are produced overseas, Double-H Boots western boots are still handcrafted in America.

Justin Boot

Boot Style: Western Boots

Justin has a long history of handcrafted western footwear that spans back to when the company was started in 1879. Since then Justin Boots has been an American cowboy boot staple and an icon of American western heritage. Today, not all Justin footwear is made in America but most of their heritage cowboy boots are still handcrafted in the USA. Justin’s American made western boots are clearly marked as so on their website.

Lucchese Bootmaker

Boot Style: Western Boots

Lucchese has a rich history that began in 1883 when Italian shoemaker Salvatore Lucchese and his brothers founded began their boot making journey in San Antonio, Texas. The Lucchese journey continues today as the company honors the craftsmanship and handmade techniques that go into every boot they sell. The brand is known for the use of special edition boots and use exotic hides and leathers such as elephant, alligator and ostrich. Lucchese boots are proudly handcrafted in Texas.

Nocona Boots

Boot Style: Western Boots

Nocona Boots has a rich history in the American bootmaking industry. The company was founded in 1925 by Enid Justin, the daughter of H.J Justin the founder of Justin Boots. The company is named after the Texas town of Nocona where the boots were first made. Although the boot company does not manufacture all of it’s boots in the USA, it still stays true to it’s heritage with it’s exclusive line of handcrafted in USA western boots for both men and women. 

Olathe Boot Co.

Boot Style: Western Boots, Packer Boots, Polo Boots

The Olathe story begins in 1875 when C.H Hyer opened up a small boot shop in Olathe, Kansas. The Olathe Boot Company followed soon after the craftsmanship of C.H Hyer’s boots grew in popularity. In 2001 Olathe Boot Co was purchased by Western Leather Goods where they moved production of Olathe western boots to Mercedes, Texas. In addition to cowboy boots for men and women, Olathe also specializes in crafting polo and packer boots. 

Rios of Mercedes

Boot Style: Western Boots

Rios of Mercedes offers Made in USA cowboy boots out of their factory in Mercedes, Texas. The company also offers custom built western boots and recrafting services for each pair of boots they sell. The craftsmanship behind their boots is a testament to their dedication to quality and durability. First founded in 1853, the company has accumulated over 150 years of bootmaking expertise and it shows with each cowboy boot produced.

Tony Lama Boots

Boot Style: Western Boots

Tony Lama is one of the most recognized brands in western boots. The company started in 1911 by founder Tony Lama and has since had over 100 years of bootmaking specialization. Since the beginning Tony Lama Boots prides itself in it’s superior craftmanship, bold designs and authentic heritage that goes into every boot. Select Tony Lama western boots are still handcrafted in Texas.

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