Timberland vs Timberland Pro - What’s the difference?

Many people who are in the market for a new pair of boots will most likely consider a pair of Timberlands for their next purchase. A common question is if there is a difference between Timberland’s Premium line of boots and the Timberland Pro line of boots. Although both lines share similarities they offer different features that you may want to consider. 

Here we take a look at the two most popular boot styles from each line: Timberland Premium Wheat Nubuck and the Timberland Pro Direct Attach Soft Toe Boot.

We’ve broken down how each boot compares in a variety of categories such as construction, insulation and safety features. Use the comparison chart for a quick rundown and keep reading below as we explore the difference between Timberland Pro and Premium boots.

Timberland vs Timberland Pro
Timberland Premium 6" Boots Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6" Boots
Construction Seam-sealed construction Seam-sealed construction
Uppers Nubuck or Full Grain Leather Nubuck or Full Grain Leather
Weight 2 lb 4 oz 2 lbs
Insulation 400 grams Primaloft Insulation 200 grams Thermolite Insulation
Safety Toe Option No Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Price Check the latest price on Amazon Check the latest price on Amazon

What’s the difference between Timberland and Timberland Pro?

Although originally designed as work boot, Timberland Premium boots have become a popular casual wear staple. Since it’s origins, the brand has shifted it’s focus to offering boots for everyday wear and light duty work.

Timberland Pro line of work boots are designed to meet many of the comfort and safety requirements that are needed on work sites. You’ll find work-specific features on Timberland Pro boots that are unavailable in the Basic or Premium Timberland lines. Some of these extra features include safety toes, reinforced uppers, and electrical hazard protection. 


Timberland vs Timberland Pro In-Depth Comparison


Quality and Construction

Both Timberland and Timberland Pro boots are very similar in quality. All Timberland boots are imported and manufactured overseas. The construction used in both boots is a waterproof seam-sealed construction where the outer seams of the boot are sealed with latex to provide a barrier against water. When paired with waterproof nubuck or leather, a seam-sealed construction gives the boot a watertight seal. 


Where you’ll visually see the most difference is in the upper paneling. Since they are made for heavy duty work, the Timberland Pro Direct Attach has reinforced paneling above the heal of the boot for safety. But despite this difference much of the uppers are the same with robust triple-stitching throughout.


You’ll also see some difference between the Timberland Premium and Timberland Pro when it comes to the outsoles. The Timberland Premium 6-inch boot has the classic commando lug outsole. The outsole on the Timberland Pro Direct Attach is slightly thicker and is made of a non-marking rubber that is oil-resistant and provides electrical hazard protection. 

Comfort and Insulation

Although Timberland incorporates comfort into all of their boots, Timberland Pro is the better option when it comes to comfort for all day standing. Both boots use slightly different technologies for foot support. Timberland Premium offers a leather-covered footbed with light cushioning while the Timberland Pro Direct Attach includes a cushioned polyurethane footbed that also helps with breathability and oder. 

Timberland Premium’s Anti-Fatigue Technology is built into the midsole. The technology uses geometric cones to provide support when standing and shock absorption when on the move.

Timberland Pro on the other hand uses a slightly different technology named 24/7 Comfort Suspension which is better suited for long hours on the feet. The technology focuses on supporting the arch of the foot and providing cushioning to reduce foot fatigue.


When it comes to insulation Timberland Pro wins the battle with it’s use of Thermolite insulation. Thermolite allows for great warmth retention without the thickness often found in other insulation. So what you get is lightweight boot that can be used in cold weather. 

Timberland Premium uses Primaloft Eco insulation which although does an excellent job at warmth retention and breathability, is not as light as Timberland Pro’s Thermolite. As a result Timberland Premium 6-inch boots are a few ounces heavier than the Timberland Pro Direct Attach. The weight difference may not be an issue for those who wear these boots for casually, but for those who intend to use these boots for full work days the extra ounces make all the difference. 


Timberland vs Timberland Pro - Which Should You Buy?


Timberland Premium 6" Boot


Timberland Pro Direct Attach

Timberland Premium boots are a great choice if you intend on wearing them casually, for light duty work or even as cold weather boots. The anti-fatigue technology and Primaloft insulation makes these boots warm, breathable and very comfortable for all day wear.

But if you intend on using (and abusing) your boots on a worksite, then Timberland Pro will be the better option. Many worksites have specific footwear safety requirements that Timberland Premium does not offer in their line of boots. Features like safety toes, electrical hazard protection and slip-resistance are important features to have if you are in construction, manufacturing or warehousing. The comfort features on Timberland Pros are also something to consider as these boots were made for all day active wear and will supply the support you need during long shifts. 

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