Best Spring & Summer Boots For Men

Mens summer boots - Best warm weather summer boots for men

While boots may not be your first choice in warmer weather footwear, they are a great option for those who want to mix up their look in the spring or on rainy summer days. Luckily, there are many options for those who want to rock a pair of boots in the summer. Warmer weather allows you to experiment with new materials, colors and silhouettes that go great with shorts and a t-shirt. Brightly colored suede and canvas come to mind when thinking of mens summer boots.

Here are our top picks for the best summer boots for men.

The Chukka Boot - Best summer boots for men

Chukka boots, also known as desert boots, are the go-to warm weather boot for their low profile, breathable construction and casual look. These features make them the most recommended warm weather boot for the spring and summer seasons. Chukka boots are versatile and can be easily paired with either pants, denim or shorts.

Summer boots for men - warm weather boots style

Clark’s is a trusted brand for good quality chukka boots. The value is great for the price range and you can usually grab a pair for a reasonable price online. What we love about this boot is the fact that it comes in so many colors. For warm weather wear, we recommend going with brighter spring inspired colors like blue and white or simply go with a lighter tanned leather for a more classic look.

Best warm weather boots for men - Mens summer boots

Clarks Bushacre 2 Beeswax Leather

Best Summer Boots For Men - Suede Chukka Boots

Clarks Bushacre 2 Blue Suede

Clarks Bushacre 2 Perforated White

Clarks Classic Bushacre Oakwood


CHELSEA BOOTS - Year round style

Nothing speaks cool like a pair of Chelsea boots when paired with casual pants or denim. These versatile boots look great in the spring in lighter colored suede. Chelsea boots also make great mens summer dress boots when paired with pants and dress shirts.

Mens summer boots - Boots to wear in the summer and spring

Chelsea boots can usually be found in leather and suede varieties. Much like the chukka boot, suede Chelsea boots come in a myriad of colors that you can pair with your lighter spring outfits. These boots look best with slim fitting pants or denim and may not be ideal for super hot days where shorts are a better choice.

mens summer dress boots - best summer boots for men

Thursday Duke Chelsea Boot

mens summer dress boots - best summer boots for men

Frye Jones Chelsea Boots

mens summer dress boots - best summer boots for men

Vince Sawyer Chelsea Boots


Canvas Boots - Breathable and Light

Canvas boots are a great alternative to leather or suede. Their breathable canvas uppers make them ideal for wearing during warmer months. The lack of leather also translates to a light weight boot with a rugged construction.

summer boots for men - mens summer boots

Canvas boots are usually overlooked when talking about boot styles. Brands like Palladium and Doc Martens offer a large variety of canvas boots that are both fashionable and rugged. These boots have grown popularity in streetwear circles and make a great additions to casual spring/summer outfits. They can be worn both with denim and shorts for a seamlessly fashionable look.

mens summer boots - summer boots for men

Palladium Pallabrouse Chukka Boot

mens summer boots - summer boots for men

Doc Martens Alfie Boot

mens summer boots - summer boots for men

Palladium Pampa Hi Boot



Leather boots are a big fall favorite but they can also be pulled off during cooler spring and summer months. The key to wearing leather boots during warm weather is to make sure that they are unlined. Many leather boots are lined with heat retaining material for wear during colder seasons. An unlined boot allows the leather to breathe and provide more circulation to the foot.


These boots go great with denim and a t-shirt for an easy casual look during the spring or early summer. We do not recommend wearing these boots on scorching hot days, but for spring weather these boots look and feel great.

If you are looking for a work-wear inspired boot we highly recommend the Danner Bull Run Moc Toe. This unlined leather work boot is made for wear during warmer weather months and has pretty great air circulation when considering how rugged it is. Brands like Wolverine and Chippewa also make unlined leather boots that can simply be beefed up with thick wool socks for wear in the winter. We recommend these boots for year-round wear.

Mens summer boots - warm weather boots unlined leather boots

Original Chippewa Service Utility Boot

Best warm weather work boots for men - summer boots

Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boot

Summer dress boots for men - warm weather boots

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot

Can I wear boots in the summer?

The short answer is yes but there are some considerations. Although boots may not be your first pick of warmer weather footwear, they can be pulled off you if own the right pair. Take the following advice when rocking boots in the spring and summer:

Materials matter: Suede and canvas will keep your feet much cooler in warmer months. Synthetic lining, especially in leather boots, retain heat and may cause overheating if worn during warmer weather. Unlined boots allow the upper material to breathe and keep your feet cooler.

Wear a lower profile boot: Wearing boots that have a lower profile can make a huge difference especially during the spring and summer months. Opt-in for an ankle length chukka boot instead of a 6 inch boot that may constrict air circulation to the foot and ankles. If you do wear a higher rise boot, make sure it’s made of breathable material like suede or canvas.

Go light or add some color: Spring wardrobes are usually brighter and full of light colors when compared to their fall counterparts. Take advantage of this and go with a lighter shade of leather or suede. You can also take this chance to experiment with colorful suede or canvas boots. A pop of color will elevate your boots from a “fall” vibe to “spring/summer”.

Winter boots are a no-no: Snow and winter boots are made for cold weather wear. They feature lugged soles for traction in snow and ice and special lining on the inside to keep your foot warm. Wearing winter boots in the summer may cause your feet to overheat and will often time feel very uncomfortable. Do yourself (and your feet!) a favor and put your winter boots away in the spring. Instead go for a low rise chukka boots, suede or canvas boot.


best summer boot socks

Avoid heavy wool boot socks when wearing boots in the summer. These socks are great for winter wear but can cause some serious overheating and discomfort when worn in the spring and summer.

This is where summer boot socks comes in. These socks are usually made of a mix of polyester, spandax and cotton to provide moisture wicking properties and extra circulation. Unlike their winter counterparts, these socks are made to help keep heat away from the foot. We recommend going with something like the Wigwam Hot Weather Bdu Pro Sock which has a mesh instep and good wicking properties.

best summer boot socks

Wigwam Hot Weather Bdu Pro Sock

We hope this Spring & Summer boots guide has brought some insight on which mens boots are better for wear during warmer weather. When picking up a new pair of boots, it ultimately comes down to style preference and comfort which varies from person to person. Thankfully there is enough variety of mens summer boots to find something that speaks to you and your style. Happy hunting!

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