Best Mens Boots for Winter 2017

Finding good winter boots can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. Not only are there a ton of options but it can get confusing with the different brand technologies and jargon. What is Thinsulate? How does Omni Heat work? Getting to the nitty-gritty of finding the best winter boot for you will start to seam pretty cumbersome, especially considering that a good quality pair of winter boots aren’t exactly cheap.

After considering hundreds of men's winter boots we were able to minimize the options to 6 top picks for the best winter boots for men in 2017. We wanted to make finding the best winter boot brands easy by compiling a list of the best boots each brand had to offer. All of the cold weather boots that made the list are waterproof, have amazing traction in the snow and are insulated enough to handle cold winters while keeping your feet warm and dry. Wether you are looking for warm winter work boots or a stylish boot to wear to while shoveling snow or walking around campus keep reading because we have included enough winter footwear styles for everyone.




The Columbia Bugaboot Plus III are winter boots that are lightweight, perfectly warm and waterproof.  Their higher 7” profile makes them perfect warm boots for snow. Columbia is one of the best winter boot brands on the market today. The Columbia Bugaboot Plus III is highly recommended for anyone looking for warm winter work boots, winter trekking boots or even just a pair of warm boots for doing light chores outside during the harsh winter months. It’s versatility is in it’s quality materials and Columbia specific Omni Heat technology.

You can expect the Bugaboot III to be lighter than their previous Bugaboot versions. The boots weigh in at about 2 lbs. Previous versions of the Columbia Bugaboots will seem stiffer and heavier in comparison.

Bugaboot III comfort and warmth: The outside of the Columbia Bugaboot III is fully waterproof thanks to it’s seam-sealed construction. The outsole is made of Columbia’s Omni-Grip traction rubber. This boot will do amazing in the snow and ice and will have all of the traction you need walk and trek in harsh weather conditions. The Bugaboot III is rated to withstand temperatures of up to -25F/-32C. 

The inside of the boot is soft and padded for comfort. It features a Techlite lining, Omni-Heat reflective insulation and a very comfortable Techlite midsole. Where the Bugaboot boot holds it’s advantage over other boots is with it’s Omni Heat technology (keep reading for an Omni Heat review below). This technology allows the Bugaboot III to retain heat and wick moisture. 

The Columbia Bugaboot III is one of the taller boots on our best men’s winter boots list. It sits at 7 inches tall which is great for walking in the snow.  However if your Columbia Bugaboot’s are stiff around the ankle, then you tie the shoelace on the second to last shoelace hole instead of tying them up top. This will give your ankle more room for movement and alleviate any pressure areas. 

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat Boot

Breaking in the Bugaboot Plus III: In comparison to other boots the Columbia Bugaboot does not need too much time for breaking in. The boots will be comfortable almost immediately but should expect about a week of wear to let the boot insole conform to your foot for a truly comfortable fit.

Columbia boot sizing: For most owners, the Columbia Bugaboot fit true to size. A good rule of thumb is if you plan on wearing the boots with regular cotton socks then purchase a Bugaboot in your regular boot size. If you plan on wearing thick wool socks then size up a half-size larger to ensure a fit. 



What is Omni Heat? Omni heat technology was developed by Columbia for their cold weather apparel. It is a thin and lightweight insulation that regulates temperature and wicks moisture to keep you warm and dry. The Columbia Bugaboot Plus III has an inner lining made with Omni Heat reflective insulation.  Does Columbia Omni Heat work? Omni heat insulation works by reflecting your own body heat and retaining the heat inside your boots. Omni heat is also highly breathable as to regulate the temperature in your boot. What you have is a boot that keeps in heat to keep you warm but also wicks out moisture to keep you dry. Because of Omni Heat technology, the Bugaboot III can use less insulation material in the boot and become lighter and less bulky then other boots on the market. 

Is Omni Heat worth it? If you value a lightweight winter boot then a Omni Heat Technology boot like the Columbia Bugaboot III will be a great choice over a cheaper and heavier boot.



The Sorel Caribou is a much loved snow boot known for it’s quality and utility. Sorel has decided to make the Caribou even better with it’s Wool version. This version has all of the great qualities of the original Caribou boot with an added removable liner for added warmth and comfort.

The men’s Sorel Caribou Wool boot is temperature rated for -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These are serious winter boots meant to handle the harshest of weather conditions. You can wear them for simple snow shoveling during the winter or for hours of outside activity in extremely cold environments. If you are looking for a heavy duty winter boot that doesn’t compromise in style then the Sorel Caribou Wool boot may be for you.

Comfort and warmth: The men’s Sorel Caribou Wool are known for their amazing comfort and may be the most comfortable boot to make our best winter boots list. Their comfort is thanks in part to the wool lining on the inside of the boot. This wool lining is a removable 9-millimeter ThermoPlus felt boot liner.

The outside of the boots has an amazing seam-sealed construction that is completely waterproof. The upper is made of a beautiful brown full grain leather. The toe, which gives the Sorel Caribou Wool it’s “duck boot” look is made of waterproof vulcanized rubber. The boot itself weighs in at about 2.8 lbs. These are truly heavy duty winter boots. All in all the fantastic construction on the Sorel Caribou Wool boots make them one of the best mens winter boots on the market today.

Breaking in Sorel boots: The men’s Caribou Wool need little if any break in time. After only a few hours of wear you can expect the boot to loosen and stretch around your toes and feet. If your feet need extra arch support then it is recommended that you use insoles for these boots.

Sorel Men's Caribou Wool boots

Sorel Men's Caribou Wool boots

Sorel sizing: Sorel sizing on the Caribou Wool boot can be a little deceiving as the boot looks much larger from the outside due to it’sheavy insulation. The Caribou Wool boot however does run a large so it’s wise to go a half size down from your regular shoe size. Sorel men’s boot sizing is broken down into D(m) = medium width, B(m) = narrow, 2E = extra wide.

Where are Sorel boots made: The Sorel Caribou Wool is made in China with equally imported materials. A note on Sorel boots quality: The quality of these boots are still worth it’s price tag. Sorel is known for making a mean winter boot and the Sorel Caribou Wool boot is no exception.



We chose to add the Timberland Schazzberg over other Timberland models to our best winter boots list because of their design and profile. Not only are the Timberland Schazzberg good quality winter boots they don’t look like your typical winter snow boot. The Schazzberg are stylish enough where you can wear them to the office or for a casual night out. They sport an attractive moc toe and beautiful full-grain leather upper in either brown or dark brown options. The leather used in the Timberland Schazzberg boot is not easily scuffed and can be polished for an even cleaner look. These stylish men’s boots are completely waterproof thanks to a combination of the leather tanning process and the internal waterproof lining that rests underneath.

Comfort and Warmth: One thing that owners of the Timberland Men’s Schazzberg agree on is that they are extremely comfortable boots. This is due in part to a Vibram rubber outsole and OrthoLite insole that offers amazing foot support. The OrthoLite insole is worth mentioning because it’s made to not lose cushioning over time. You can expect the inside of these boots to mold to the shape of your feet as you wear them. Although the men’s Schazzberg boot could be used as a nice casual boot, they are also comfortable enough to wear as warm winter work boots.

Anyone looking for warm winter footwear can be sure to find them with the Timberland Schazzberg. Timberland uses ProLoft ECO Insulation and Climapath technology to keep your feet warm. ProLoft ECO insulation is material that maintains warmth even when wet. So those who are prone to sweaty feet can be sure that they will not get cold feet thanks to the ProLoft ECO insulation. This insulation works hand in had with Timberland’s Climapath technology who’s purpose is to wick up any moisture inside the boot and supply maximum breathability when worn. Timberland has also partnered up with the legendary wool manufacturer Pendleton to feature a full wool fabric lining at the collar of the boot.

Timberland Men's Schazzberg Review

Timberland Men's Schazzberg Review

Considering these boots are insulated, they are very a lightweight winter boot especially when compared to a boot like the Sorel Caribou Wool reviewed above. As for a boot break in period you can expect the Timberland Schazzberg to have little to no break in period.

Are Timberlands waterproof? Not all Timberlands are waterproof, however the Timberland Schazzberg boots are completely waterproof. How do these Timberland boots do in the snow? These are the perfect Timberland boots to wear in snow, rain and other harsh weather. Their waterproof exterior makes them perfect for wet outdoor conditions where other Timberland boots would normally not hold up. Where are Timberland boots made? These Schazzberg Timberland boots are made in China. However, certain materials such as the Vibram sole and Pendleton wool may be imported from other countries.



The ECCO men’s Track 6 boot is the perfect everyday boot that can also be used for long hiking treks in wet and cold weather conditions.  This is a very versatile heavy duty boot that is high quality and stylish. Thanks to it’s GORE-TEX membrane, the ECCO Track 6 is fully waterproof and it’s outsole can handle both snow and ice. Although one of the more expensive boots on our best men’s winter boots list it is also one of the most rugged and well crafted boots available. You can be confident that these ECCO winter boots will last you many years of wear. 

Comfort and materials: The upper of the the ECCO men’s Track 6 boot is made of a mix of full grain leather and oiled nubuck. A GORE-TEX membrane make the ECCO Track 6 fully waterproof. The inside sole is removable and is made of vegetable tanned ECCO leather. The leather used in the insole is antimicrobial to combat smells and moisture. The technology used inside of this boot makes it fully breathable and moisture absorbent. Because of the Track 6’s durability and comfort it’s easy to see why ECCO is one of the best snow boot brands on the market today.

The ECCO Track 6 boot is a “high top” boot and it’s height will fit much like a high top sneaker. It features an attractive moc toe with rugged stitching throughout. This is a soft toe boot unlike many other men’s snow boots that feature a hard toe.

Breaking in ECCO boots: These ECCO boots do need some time for break-in due to their leather construction. If wearing during the winter it is recommended to wear heavier socks to aid in discomfort during the boot break in process.

ECCO shoes fit: The ECCO Track 6 boots fit to size. It is recommended you order your regular boots size.

ECCO Track 6 men's snow boot

ECCO Track 6 men's snow boot

Where are ECCO shoes made? These ECCO Track 6 boots are proudly made in Portugal. A note on ECCO boot quality: ECCO is a European company that specializes in outdoor and recreation shoes and boots. You can be sure you will receive high quality boots with every pair you buy.



The Merrel Moab Polar boot is a great choice for anyone looking for a waterproof mid height 6 inch boot for the winter weather. This boot is versatile and can be used as a casual boot or for hiking in the snow. These boots are a combinations of mesh and suede in the uppers and feature a TPU shell to make them completely waterproof.

These boots will are a nice balance of comfort and support.  The Merrel Moab Polar boot features a suede upper with a breathable membrane lining that makes the entire boot completely waterproof. The Merrel Moab Polar boot is a great choice for anyone looking for suede waterproof boots. The inside features 400 gram insulation to keep your feet warm during the harshest of winters. You can expect good arch support in the insoles. 

The outsole on these Merrel boots are an M-Select ICE GRIP outsole that is made for walking and hiking in the snow and other wet conditions. One of our favorite features of the Merrel Moab Polar boots is that they are relatively light weight for their above the ankle size. These boots are one of the lightest boots on the list by far. 

Breaking in Merrell boots: Keep in mind that you may need to wear your new Merrell boots for about a day before they break in. Merrell sizing: Merrell boots are true to fit. It is recommended you order your regular boots size. Some owner’s have noted that the Merrel Moab Polar boots run a tad narrow, so keep this in mind while ordering if you have wide feet. Merrell shoes Quality: Are merrell boots good? Although these boots are one of the cheapest on our list of men’s winters boots Merrell does not skimp on quality. If taken proper care you can expect your Merrell boots to last you many winters of use. 

Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot



Sperry Top-Sider is know for making quality functional boots and the Cold Bay winter boot is no exception. These are winter boots that are high in quality, amazingly warm and super stylish. At first glance these may look very similar to the Sperry Top-Sider Avenue Duck boot. Although similar in style, the Cold Bay winter boot is built from the ground up to handle snow, ice and other cold weather conditions. This is where the Cold Bay boots really shine over the popular Avenue Duck boots. This boot is perfect from anything from daytime winter casual wear to shoveling snow in the driveway.

Comfort and warmth: The Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay winter boot is fully insulated with 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate for superior warmth. The included Thinsulate insulation is water-resistant, pre-compressed and very thin. What you get is a lightweight boot that is very warm with a temperature rating of -25F. Many owner’s of this boot are surprised by how lightweight these boots feel as compared with similar duck style winter boots. This lightweight insulation makes the Cold Bay winter boot one of the best options for mens winter footwear.

You can expect great comfortable with the Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay winter boot. It’s inner lining is very soft. It’s upper is made of waterproof and stain resistant leather and the boots feature a complete seam sealed construction that is fully waterproof. The outsole is made of wiped lugged rubber and has amazing traction when walking in both wet and dry footing. All around the Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay winter boots do very well in icy city streets and snowy outdoor areas but can acclimate easily to an indoor setting. The Cold Bay winter boot is a mid-high boot that measures about 7” in height. It is comparable to Converse High Tops in height. All around you can expect a well crafted boot that handles snow, ice and mud very well.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Cold Bay Winter Boot

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Cold Bay Winter Boot

Where are Sperrys made? These Sperry Top-Sider winter boots are currently made overseas in China. Although Sperry does offer a few shoe models that are made locally in Maine, USA. Sperry Top Sider sizing: The Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay Winter Boot runs true to size. It is recommended you purchase these in your regular boot size.

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