Boot Toe Style Guide


Plain toe. Cap toe. Brogue boot. What does it all mean? We put together this easy to follow visual guide with the most common and popular boot toe styles in men's fashion today.

What is a plain toe boot?

A plain toe boot is just as it sounds: Plain.

Plain toes do not have any designs or adornments on in the toe area, this allows the boot to have a clean and classic look. You can find plain toe boots in just about every style of boot from dress boots to work boots.

Cap toe boot example: Red Wing Iron Ranger

What is a cap toe boot?

Cap toe boots have an extra piece of leather on the toe of the boot which forms the "cap". This is a timeless style commonly found in many men's boots and oxford shoes. Cap toe boots are easily identifiable by the stitching line across the upper by the toe box.

What is a moc toe boot?

Moc toe boots are easily identified by their “U” shaped stitching around the boot’s toe. A piece of leather is usually wrapped around the bottom of the boot’s upper and stitched at the toe. The term “moc” derives from the term moccasin which translates to “shoe” from the Algonquian Indian language. This style of boot is popular in casual and work boots.

Wingtip boot example: Wolverine 1000 Mile Addison

What is a wingtip boot?

Wing tip boots can be easily identified by an extra piece of leather on the toe box that forms a “wing”shape. Usually wing tip boots include brouging (see below to learn more) for a more decorative look. Although wingtip boots and shoes are traditionally casual, wing tip boots can be worn to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.

Square toe boot example: Justin Original Workboots Worker Two

What is a square toe boot?

Square toe boots are simply boots with a square shaped toe box. Wearers with wide toes or fitting issues may benefit from the roomier fit of a square toe boot. This style is most commonly seen in cowboy boots although some modern brands have incorporated the box toe look into other boot styles like Chelsea boots.

Brogue boot example: Stacy Adams Maddison II Boot

What is a brogue boot?

Brogue boots are by far the most ornamented boot toe style on the list. Unlike the plain wing tip boot above, a brogue boot has little decorative holes found around the toe and uppers. 

The brogue style is very common in men's shoes and has made it's way into the boot world. When shopping for wing tip boots you will find that most include broguing.

Rubber toe boot example: Sperry Top Sider Avenue Duck Boot

What is a rubber toe boot?

Boots with rubber toes are found in rain or snow footwear such as the common "duck boot". Whereas other types of boots have toes and upper made of leather or suede, these boots have a piece of rubber that wraps around the bottom of the boot to create a water resistant shield.

This hybrid of rubber and leather is a great wet weather alternative to full leather boots or rain boots made completely out of rubber.

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