Best Men's Boots Made in USA 2017

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Investing in a great quality boot may seem a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many different brands and styles to pick from that it's hard to know where to start looking. But if great quality is your priority then there is not much like an American made boot. So we compiled this list of our top 5 best men's boots made in the USA.

We used by a list of specific criteria when picking the boots on this Made in USA list.

  • Made in USA - Each of the boots featured were made in America
  • Affordable - Boots within the $100-350 range. You should check Amazon for the latest deals.
  • High quality - These boot brands are known for their craftsmanship and quality in materials
  • 6 inch boots - We focused on the best 6 inch mens boots
  • Great design - Each brand listed offers a unique design. Wether you are looking for a great American made work boot or a casual boot, there is something here for every one.

Red Wing Heritage boots best boots made in usa

Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger

The Red Wing Iron Ranger in Amber Harness brown has topped our list of American made boots as an iconic boot that will stand the test of time. The outsole is made of oil-tanned leather while sporting a full leather insole on the inside. This boot features a Goodyear Welt construction meant for rugged long lasting use. 

The leather insole will need some time to break in, but like any high quality boot this is to be expected. The leather insole will conform to your foot with repeated wear. Red Wing boot sizing - Red Wing boots tend to run bit large in size. It’s recommended to buy a half-size down from your regular shoe size. Where are Red Wing boots made - You can buy with confidence that the Red Wing Iron Ranger is made in the USA. If you are looking for a rugged, iconic and premium leather boot then the Red Wing Iron Ranger is your ticket.

Made in the usa boots Danner Bull Run


Each Danner Bull Run Cristy Boot is hand-stitched and manufactured in Portland, Orgeon. These boots were made for warm weather and are unlined so keep that mind if you are looking to purchase. The upper is made of full grain oiled leather to withstand tough conditions. Being a workbook, the Danner Cristy is also available in a steel toe version. 

How do Danner boots fit? When it comes to sizing expect this Danner boot to run true to size if you plan on wearing thick socks. If you don’t plan on wearing heavy socks then it is recommended you go a half size down for a truer fit.  How to break in Danner boots - Because of the high quality leather used on these boots the break in process can be expected to be a little longer than other boot brands. You can use dubbin wax to soften the leather and expedite the break in process.

Service Utility Boot - best mens boots 6 inch made in usa

Original Chippewa Collection MEN'S 6-Inch Service Utility Boot

The Original Chippewa Service Utility boot is a Cordovan full grain leather boot that features Goodyear welt construction. What you can expect is a beautifully crafted 6-inch plain toe boot that is as tough as nails. These boots are multifunctional in that they can be used for work, hiking or even casual wear.

Chippewa boots sizing - Chippewa boots runs a larger so it is recommended you go a half size smaller than your regular shoe size.  Where are Chippewa boots made? The Original Chippewa Service Utility Boot is made in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Although the boot is manufactured in Wisconsin, the Service Utility Boot’s famous Vibram V-Bar outsole is made in Italy.

Thorogood best made in usa boots for men

Thorogood Men's 814-4200 American Heritage 6" Moc Toe Boot

The Thorogood American Heritage 814-4200 is a doc toe work boot designed around comfort and flexibility. The leather used on the upper tobacco oil-tanned and inside features a removable footbed that can be replaced at ease when needed. 

Breaking in Thorogood boots - What’s great about these Thorogood boots is that they need very little breaking in compared to the other boots on this list. The comfort provided by these boots make them a great choice for work and casual wear alike. How do Thorogood boots fit? The Thorogood 814-4200 tend to a bit larger on most so it is recommended you size down by a half a size of your regular shoe size. Just like Chippewa boots, these Thorogood boots feature a Vibram sole for extra foot support.

Wolverine best made in usa mens boots

Wolverine 1883 Kilometer Boot

The Wolverine Kilometer is a 6 inch boot made of thick full grain leather. These boots are unlined so they are ideal for warmer weather. It’s time-tested durability is due in part to it’s rugged Goodyear Welt construction and Vibram rubber outsole. These boots come in black and brown and are ideal daily wear boots.

Where are Wolverine boots made? The Wolverine Kilometer boot is made in Big Rapids, Michigan. How do Wolverine boots fit? The Wolverine Kilometer boot fits true to size so it is recommended to get your true size or a half size smaller if you plan on wearing thinner socks.

American made boots FAQ



If you are buying your first pair of American made boots it’s important to take the proper care to protect your investment. We recommend you follow our How to Clean Leather Boots guide for specific instructions on how to take care of your new boots.


Why should I buy American made boots?

Boots made in America are known for their quality, superior craftsmanship and use of sturdy materials. It’s important to acknowledge that “imported” doesn’t always mean “bad quality”.  But for every great boot brand that manufacturer’s their boots overseas there are about a dozen who produce inferior boots with bad workmanship and low-quality materials. Spending $200 on a high quality boot that lasts you a decade is always better than spending $80 on a pair of cheap boots that you have to replace over and over in the same time span. In the end you will almost always be spending more on buying and re-buying cheaper boots. It’s wise to make the larger investment on a good pair of boots now to save money over time.

Another great reason to buy boots that are made in the USA is that by doing so you are usually A) Often times supporting a smaller brand or business B) Helping the local economy of the place of manufacture. Every boot made has a craftsman, designer and factory worker behind it. By buying an American made boot you are helping provide jobs and strengthening local communities.


What is Goodyear welt constriction?

An alternative to the common adhesive construction is Goodyear welt construction. You may see this term being mentioned when shopping for boots. But what exactly is it?

Goodyear welt construction is usually a strip of leather (or plastic or rubber) that runs along the shoe outsole. It is cemented or “welted” in place. This gives the boot owner the ability to resole the boots. With Goodyear welt construction the a new sole can be attached when your old when is at the end of it’s life. 

goodyear welt construction mens boots

Boots with Goodyear welt construction can last a lifetime given that proper care is taken of the leather upper. Be wary of paying extra money for a boot with Goodyear Welt construction that uses cheap leather uppers. No amount of resoling will prevent your leather from falling apart. Instead, invest in a boot that has both Goodyear welt construction and premium leather. This list has plenty of examples of boots that have both.

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