Best Alternatives to Doc Martens in Every Price Range

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We’ve done the research for you to find the best alternatives to Dr. Martens boots in the high and low end. If you need a high quality boot then we have featured options from brands like Solovair and Danner that may be what you are looking for. For anyone looking for cheap boots like Doc Martens, we have included a few budget choices that usually are available for under $100. 

Budget Range
Current Price

Solovair 8 Eye Derby Boot
Goodyear Welt Construction
Soft Sole Suspension Insole
Made In England
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Gripfast 10 Eye Steel Toe Boot
Real or Vegan Leather
Steel Toe
Made in England
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Danner Super Rain Forest 8" Boot
100% Waterproof
Made in USA
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Chippewa Odessa Rugged Boot
Sewed Seat Construction
Dri-Lex Lining
Made in USA
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Corcoran 1500 Jump Boots
"Spite Shine" Leather Upper
Ankle Support
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Rocky Side Zipper Jump Boot
Goodyear Welt Construction
Full Side Zipper
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Steve Madden Delorean Boot
Full Leather Upper
Side Zipper
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DuoDuo 2601 Combat Boot
Genuine Leather Upper
9 Eyelets
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Rothco GI Combat Boots
Top Grain Leather Upper
Goodyear Welt Construction
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Today most Doc Martens boots are made in factories in Thailand and China. Some of their boots and shoes however are still made in England, specifically their “Made In Englad” MIE lines. Many customers have claimed that the quality of the boots have suffered over the last decade as production methods have changed to accommodate for a cheaper mass produced boot.


Best Quality: Those of you looking for boots like Doc Martens but at a higher quality can look to brands such as Solovair and Gripfast that are still handcraft their boots in England. You can also find similar boot styles with brands like Danner and Chippewa who make their boots in America.

Similar Price Range: If you are looking for a good brand alternative to Dr. Martens in the same price range, brands like Corcoran, Rocky and Steve Madden may be right up your alley. 

Budget Choices: Ultimately, we have included some budget choices for those of you looking for cheaper Dr Marten alternative under $100. Brands like DuoDuo and Rothco both offer combat boots that offer a similar look.

Keep reading below as we review each of the brands mentioned so you can make the best choice for you regardless of your budget.

Below is a quick comparison chart of all the boots we picked for this list. Click on each boot to read the full review. The budget range allow you to filter each boot by your respective budge and generally reads as follow: $$$ = $200+ | $$ = Under $200 | $ = Under $100 - Keep in mind that pricing may change so make sure to check Amazon for the latest prices.

Solovair boots are available for purchase on their official website.

Solovair boots are available for purchase on their official website.

Solovair Black 8 Eye Derby Boot Review

100% Made In England. Goodyear welt construction. Soft Sole Suspension insole. Solovair keeps the original spirit of Doc Martens alive with their high quality handcrafted combat boots. The materials used are a mix of leather upper and synthetic lining. Their soles are their signature Solovair suspension sole and exclusive Soft Sole Suspension insole for a similar “Air Wair” comfort.

Solovair has a very special history as the original manufacture of Doc Martens until the mid-1990’s. After their parent company, NPS Shoes Ltd, parted ways with Doc Martens, the English factory continued to make the iconic boots under the brand name Solovair. For anyone looking for old school quality Doc Martens will be thrilled that they can purchase a brand new pair that holds the original Made In England quality.

Solovair makes a few different styles such as 6 eye, 8 eye and 10 eye boots as well as a variety of chelsea and brogue shoe styles that are all proudly handcrafted in England.

Gripfast 10 Eyelet boots are also available in black vegan "leather"

Gripfast 10 Eyelet boots are also available in black vegan "leather"



Gripfast handcrafts all of their boots in England. They offer serious work boots that feature a steel toe, triple stitching and tough lugged outsoles. What we love most of these boots are their durability. These derby boots are truly made to last! Wether for work or casual wear they are guaranteed to look great. Although similar to Doc Martens in silhouette, Gripfast boots all feature a beautiful cap toe stitching that adds a great touch to the design of the boot.


Gripfast offers a great high quality alternative to the Doc Marten vegan boot. The Gripfast 10 Eyelet Boot in Vegan Black is made from vegan synthetic leather and doesn’t shy away from handcrafted details like triple-stitching and Goodyear welt construction. You can find these Gripfast vegan boots here.




One thing we love about Danner boots is their quality craftsmanship and high attention to detail that goes into the design of ever boot. The Super Rain Forest boot is meant to be a tough workhorse boot but it also makes a great high quality Dr. Martens alternative that’s made in the USA. It’s an 8 inch boot so it runs a bit shorter than Dr. Martens 1890 10-eye boot.

The Super Rain Forest boot is 100% waterproof and lined with GORE-TEX making it breathable boot that keeps your feet dry. These boots feature triple stitching and beautiful leather over leather construction with thicker leather on the box toe. The Vibram outsole is lugged for amazing traction on wet ground.

How do Danner boots fit? These boots usually run true to size although some people say they run small. To be sure of a good fit order these in a half size to full size larger than your regular size. The Super Rain Forest boot is made of thick reinforced leather so stretching them to size may be more difficult than your used to. These really are heavy duty boots!

The Cippewa Odessa Rugged boot is tough outdoor boot made to last.

The Cippewa Odessa Rugged boot is tough outdoor boot made to last.

Chippewa Odessa Classic Lace Up Rugged Boot Review


The Chippewa Odessa is a well crafted outdoor boot that makes a great Doc Marten alternative. We are featuring the 6-inch version but the Odessa boot also comes in 8-inch and 9-inch options as well.

The Odessa is a rugged plain toe boot that features sewed seat construction and a lugged Vibram outsole to handle tough outdoor conditions. The inside of the boot is fully lined with Dri-Lex lining. This lining is breathable and quick drying to avoid wet feet when in use. How do Chippewa boots fit? The Chippewa Odessa runs about a half size larger than your tennis shoe size so make sure to take that into consideration before you order online.

These specific Chippewa Odessa boots are made in the USA but Chippewa also offers other similar styles that are imported. We especially love their Logger line which is a special mix of “combat” and rugged outdoor silhouettes. With such great options Chippewa is definitely a brand to look into if you are looking for a high quality Dr. Marten alternative.

Corcoran Jump Boots are also available in women's sizes.

Corcoran Jump Boots are also available in women's sizes.



Corcoran is a brand with a rich history as the boots of choice for military paratroopers since WWII. What you can expect from the Jump Boots 1500 design is nothing short utility and functionality. The boots feature reinforced toe caps and extended 12 eye lacing that extends up the calf for superior ankle support for paratroopers who experienced often experienced rough landings. One thing to note is that the outsole of the boot is smoother than the other boots featured on this list. Reason being that paratroopers needed smooth outsoles to prevent their boots catching while on missions.

If you are looking for an iconic combat boot to replace Doc Martens, then Corcoran is definitely a brand to consider. Corcoran Jump Boot uppers are made with full grain “Spit Shine” leather that can be polished to a beautiful sheen. Construction wise you can expect a heavy duty form welt constructions and a stitched tap outsole. Their 10-inch shaft extends into the calf for a perfect military inspired look. These boots are also available in women’s sizes.

Rocky makes a modern men's 10"combat boot with a convenient side zipper.

Rocky makes a modern men's 10"combat boot with a convenient side zipper.



The Rocky Side Zipper Jump Boot is a modern men’s paraboot crafted around functionality and comfort. Like other brands on the list, Rocky specializes in combat and military work boots and take great care in the construction and utility of each boot they design. The Side Zipper Jump boot sits at 10 inches tall and features a premium full grain leather upper with a polishable cap toe. Unlike the Corcoran boots we reviewed above, these Rocky boots feature a zipper on the side that provide an easier way to put on / take off the boot. The high quality craftsmanship doesn’t end on the uppers, these boots also have a Goodyear welt construction that can be resoled over time. The outsole is lugged for great traction in snow, mud or rain.

These 10-inch Rocky boots would be a great alternative to the Dr Martens 1914 14-eyelet high boots and run at about the same price! Not only do you get a true Goodyear welt construction, but you will also have a unique boot that’s made for working conditions. Even if you were only to wear these boots casually, they will keep looking and functioning great over time due to their quality craftmanship.

The Delorean Boot is one of many combat boot styles Steve Madden currently offers.

The Delorean Boot is one of many combat boot styles Steve Madden currently offers.

Steve Madden Delorean Combat Boot Review


Steve Madden has stepped up their combat boot game in the past few years by introducing a great selection different men’s and women’s military inspired styles. We picked the Steve Madden men’s Delorean boot for it’s stylish silhouette and affordable price. These boots are a nice departure from the 8” and 10” inch boots we feature on this list.

The heel pull tab on the back of the ankle and side zipper makes putting on these boots a breeze. The boot features full leather uppers and a fabric lining on the inside. The outsole is not lugged, so don’t expect great traction on snow or ice. But the design makes it the perfect everyday boot in the fall and spring that can be dressed up or down. The Steve Madden Delorean boot is also available in brown leather.


DUODUO 2601 Combat Boots Review

$49.98 $74.99

The brand DuoDuo has released a budget leather combat boot with it’s 2601 Boot. The boot upper is made of genuine leather and the outsole is lugged rubber for good traction in the snow and other wet conditions. The boots feature 9 eyelets and are most similar in style to the Dr. Marten 8-eye 1460 boot. These boots are a good alternative for anyone looking for a boot similar to the Dr. Martens 1460 but cheaper.

Keep in mind that these are budget combat boots. Anyone looking for boots with high end leather uppers and a stronger sole construction would be fare better going with some of the other higher end Dr. Martens boot alternatives we listed above. But for anyone who just wants to try the combat boot look and doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of cash doing it, these DUODUO boots will be a good entry level choice. 


Rothco 9'' GI Combat Boot Review


The Rothko GI is the second budget combat boot to make our list. The uppers is made from top grain leather and the boots feature a rubber outsole and Goodyear welt construction. It also features a round cap toe which gives it a unique look. It’s a 9 eyelet boot and makes a comparable cheaper alternative to the Doc Marten 1460.

Since these are budget boots we do not recommend they be used as work boots. However they would make an affordable combat boot you can keep in your regular shoe rotation for casual wear. Rothco boots are known to run large and it is recommended to order them in a full size down from your regular shoe size. As with most combat boots, these boots require your normal break in period. So make sure to wear them around the house with socks to minimize leather stiffness in the upper and to break in the sole.

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